Does Green Tea have Caffeine?

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While most people seem to be preoccupied with the issue of whether “does green tea have caffeine”? There are several other characteristics of this popular beverage. One fact about green tea is that it comes from the same plant as black tea.

The color difference arising from the fermentation process involved. Between these two blends, green tea is better because most of the nutrients are sucked away when making black tea.

Green tea caffeine also scores highly when the issue of antioxidant properties is considered. The poly-phenol nutrients found in this tea assist in the enhancement of metabolism in the body hence can be used in checking body weight.

How would you feel with a combination of a healthier heart and body weight? Green tea caffeine can help you achieve exactly that. The drink has a good effect on relaxing the arteries thus contributing to the lowering of the blood pressure.

This is simply because it contains the antioxidant (EGCG) Epigallocatechin gallate whose effects surpass those of vitamins E and C.

For good health, there must be a balance between bad and good bacteria. By having green tea caffeine regularly, you will be hampering the growth of bad bacteria and in essence, favoring the flourishing of the other form of bacteria. When you have ample amounts of good bacteria in the system, some strains of viruses cannot survive.

Have you ever wondered “does green tea have caffeine?” or “does the tea damage teeth”? When one develops brown teeth as a result of drinking a lot of tea, the cause is not the caffeine but rather the other additives especially sugar.

Yes, green tea has caffeine but not comparable to the proportions in coffee. If you want to derive the sweetness and health benefits of green tea caffeine, the beverage must be prepared according to the correct specifications. Enjoy your cup of the drink every day!

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