Air India Express Aircraft Crash at Kerala While Landing, Killing Several

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AI Express plane overshoots runway at Kozhikode airport

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Air Indian express plane crash in the South Indian state of Kerala, on board with 191 people sliding away from the runway at the time of landing, official report! The airplane of Air Indian Express en route from Dubai crash at the airport in the southern state of Kerala.

The incident happens when the pilot trying to land aircraft at the airport. Due to land sliding over the runway because of monsoon aircraft slip away from the runway and crashed, According to the aviation authorities.


The number of passengers injured, while15 people died including the two pilot, as the reporters said. The aircraft onboard flight IX-1344, carrying 191 people including 184 passengers, six crew members, and two pilots, passengers include 10 children at the time of the crash.

In the region, heavy rainfall was reported and due to monsoon season, heavy flooding and landslides were reported. The incident happens at 19:00 local time.

As the director-general of civil aviation said that aircraft slipped from the end of the runway and fall in the valley. After falling the plane broke into two pieces and fire flames witnessed by the eye-witnessed.

At the time of landing onboard flight IX-1344, pilots lose control over the plane on the slippery runway due to heavy rain and the aircraft skidding off from the runway at the end.

It happened with the Air India Express aircraft in May 2010, when the aircraft of Indian domestic airplane crash over the runway, at that time 158 passengers was reported died in the accident, resources said.

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