Published On: Thu, Nov 12th, 2020

How to Earn Money From Facebook Pages or Groups Without Investment

How to earn money from Facebook Pages

People spend so much time on Facebook, mostly because they use it for chatting with family and friends and keeping up with each other’s lifestyles. Many of them don’t realize that it’s actually possible to take advantage of the hours they spend on Facebook as they can earn money from Facebook, the famous social media platform.

According to Statista, Facebook has average monthly active users of about 2.7 billion people in the 2nd quarter of 2020. According to Sprout Social, 74% of high-income earners are Facebook users. This makes Facebook a very good business platform when it comes to making money online.

If you are one of the few people wondering, how can I make money from Facebook? Keep reading, this post is for you.

Here we will be looking at how to earn money from Facebook without investment, if you are ready let’s get right to it…

6 Ways To Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment

There are so many ways to make money from Facebook. While others require time for them to become a good source of income, Facebook simply requires you to have a good mobile or desktop computer and a good internet connection to get started.

earn money from facebook

If you are good at creating quality content on Facebook, then you can earn money from Facebook without investment. Else, you might need a little initial investment to take a start, but this is very little that even students can arrange this investment.

Let’s take a look at some of these methods:-

1. How To Earn Money From Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is one of the best ways you can use when learning how to earn money from Facebook page. The reason is that you can create a page in almost any niche of your choice and draw the attention of customers who are interested in that niche.

To get started, here take the following steps:

  • Find A Profitable Niche

When learning how to make money from a Facebook page, the first thing that you need to do is to choose a niche (specific topic) that your page will be about. It can be anything from food to fashion to beauty to makeup, etc.

You can even search the web to find out the best niches that do well on Facebook. Or you can read our guide about the top 10 profitable niches in 2021 and you can make your choice from any of them.

Make sure that whatever niche you choose, you are knowledgeable about it or you have experience writing about that niche. If you have enough experience in that niche be sure to do your research beforehand.

  • Publish Awesome Content

This is where most of the work comes in when learning how to make money from a Facebook page. You want to make sure that the content you post on your page attracts the right audience.

To help you create awesome content, you need to determine who your target audience is, where they are spending their time, what they are searching for, and how to reach them.

Then create content with all these guidelines in mind, that way, you have a great idea of what your audience wants and you are better able to provide it for them.

Make sure to use attractive photos in your content and captivating headlines to draw attention and be sure that your content provides full value for your audience, to keep them coming back to you.

  • Build Relationship With Your Fans

While it’s a good practice to be professional and post some professional content regarding your niche, it’s also a good practice to try to be more relatable with your audience.

Ask them for their opinions and engage with them. Let them think that you aren’t just an anonymous person behind a computer screen that they don’t know. Build a relationship with them so that they can trust you more and come to you with their questions or problems.

  • Monetize

If you do all of the above correctly and have succeeded in growing a successful page, then comes the time to monetize. To do this there are several ways, here are some of them;

  1. Become a brand ambassador for different brands in your niche
  2. Sell digital content to your audience directly or through your website
  3. Send affiliate marketing traffic to affiliate websites from your page
  4. Sell products through the Facebook application store
  5. Promote products using the exclusive Facebook offers feature
  6. Promote local events in your area with your online presence
  7. Sell your services or expertise to people who are willing to pay for it
  8. Send traffic to your Google Adsense monetized website

Here you can find some more ways on how to earn money from home without any investment.

2. How To Make Money By Selling Products On Facebook

Because 75% of the users on Facebook are high-income earners, you can capitalize on this information to sell products on this social media platform, you can sell products on Facebook using any of the following ways.

  • Affiliate Marketing
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If you have a Facebook account with thousands of followers, you can simply monetize your audience by promoting the products or services of other brands by posting affiliate links on your profile.

You can sell products from your Dropshipping store by promoting those products on your Facebook account or page. Or you can sell the products by using affiliate links of AliExpress, Amazon, or eBay on your Facebook profile or page.

To learn how to sell products from the Dropshipping store on the Facebook page, you need to learn what is dropshipping and how does it work?

For selling affiliate products, all you need to do is choose the brand and product you would like to promote and then apply to become their affiliate partner. After being accepted you will get special affiliate links that you can use in promoting the products of your choice.

When your audience members click on the link, they will get redirected to your partner affiliate websites and you get paid for every purchase your audience makes using your affiliate links for every product you promote.

  • Facebook Shop

With Facebook Shop you can directly sell items on Facebook by adding a shop button on your page that links to your e-commerce store or website, or you can create your own shop on the Facebook page. You can easily learn how to create a Facebook shop.

Facebook shop

You can sell products on any e-commerce store you like such as Etsy, Oberlo dropshipping stores, or even your own personal e-commerce website using the Facebook shop on your page.

Depending on your niche, you can sell any item of your choice and promote it to your audience on Facebook to attract more customers.

3. How To Earn Money From Facebook Videos

When researching how to earn money on Facebook videos, you will find a lot of information, that is because it is very possible to make money from Facebook videos. Facebook accepts your videos for Monetization when you meet the following guidelines;

  • You must be publishing videos from a page, not a personal profile
  • Your page meet Facebook partner monetization policies
  • You have 30,000+ one minute views on your videos
  • Your page have 10,000+ page followers
  • Your videos have to be eligible for in-stream ads

If you meet all the guidelines above you can then apply for Monetization.

4. How To Earn Money From Facebook Groups

The good thing about having a Facebook group is that there are so many ways that you can monetize it. Let’s take a look at some of those ways:

  • Paid Surveys

You can help brands who need to do research in your niche to conduct polls and questionnaires to your audience and get paid for these surveys.

  • Sponsored Content

You can get paid to write or display content for different companies or brands on your group for your audience members and get paid for every sponsored post.

  • Selling Your Own Product/Book/Service

You can promote your own physical or digital products to your group members and generate sales from a properly set up sales funnel linked straight to your e-commerce store.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You can promote affiliate products of other brands by adding links to these affiliate websites in your posts and get paid when your group members click on the link or buy any of the products through your affiliate link.

5. How To Make Money On Facebook By Posting Links

If you are interested to know how to make money on Facebook by posting links, then there are so many ways to do so. The good thing about this method of making money on Facebook is that there are so many companies that you can become an affiliate for and post their affiliate links on Facebook and get paid when your link is clicked.

So many affiliate websites offer a certain commission percentage for the number of people who clicked on your affiliate link or even purchased a product.

You can post links on your groups, pages, and even your profiles or chats with people. The more your links are clicked, the more money you earn. For this strategy to work effectively, you will need to be niche-specific and show your links to people who you know will click on them, not just to anyone.

6. Earn Money On Facebook By Selling Your Services

If you are a freelancer and you have some digital services that you can sell online, then Facebook is a platform that can be used. Facebook provides an option to list your services on your Facebook page.

You can use this feature of your Facebook page just like Freelancing sites as you do on Fiverr or Upwork. You have to create your services section on the Facebook page and then add your service.

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Find different options to set the price of your service, describe your service, and any other terms and conditions. You can add a featured image as well in your Facebook service that can describe what will provide to the client in this service.

Facebook page Service

Once you have created your service on the Facebook page, now it is time to share it in different groups that you have joined as a page or as a profile. You can share this service on your own profile as well.

Those who are interested in your serivce will contact you and you can make a deal with them after negotiation.

Other Ways To Earn From Facebook (Not Recommended)

There are some more ways to earn money from Facebook. These are not recommended as this type of earning is not reliable and you don’t earn enough amount of money. With these methods, you make only a small amount of money and you need to do hard work.

Some of the ways are as follows:

  • Sell old Facebook accounts: There are so many people who wanted to buy old Facebook IDs. So, if you make 100s of Facebook account or even more, you can sell those IDs after they get old. But, you need to work hard in making different emails and then making different Facebook IDs. You also have to wait for a long time so that you can sell these IDs when they get old. You need to wait for at least 1 year.
  • Sell Facebook Likes: If you have a good page that has fans in millions, you can sell Facebook page likes. People who create their new pages, need instant likes on their pages. So they contact other page owners of the same niche and ask them to share their new Facebook page on the old pages. You, as the owner of the old page, will share the new page on your old page and ask your fans to like this new page. You can charge a small amount to the page owner who wanted to get some instant likes from you.
  • Sell Facebook Pages or Groups: You can also sell your Facebook pages or groups at a cheap price. If you have a Facebook page that you don’t have time to manage, you can sell that page to any person who is interested in that page. Just create a post on the same page that this page is for sale. Or mention that in different groups and you will easily find someone who can buy your page or group at a reasonable price.

All these 3, not recommended methods can make some money for you. But remember you or the other person might be at risk and there are high chances of scams. For example, if you make a new admin on your page because you wanted to sell your page to that person, and after a specific time he remvoe you without the payment, then it is your loss.

So in all these “not recommended” methods, it is good to meet the other person and do the business in person.

How Do You Get Paid On Facebook?

After making money on Facebook with any of the above methods, the next is to get your money. The ways to get paid on Facebook are different for every method of earning on the platform.

If you are making money from Facebook videos, then Facebook usually pays the amount accrued from the previous month around the 16th to the 21st of every month. Your payment time may vary from 30 to 60 days. The payout amount must be at least $100 to receive your money.

To get paid you will need to update your tax information on the Facebook audience network. With that, add a bank account that accepts payment in US dollars.

While there are other methods to get paid for the money you earned from Facebook. Like if you earned by selling products then you will not ask Facebook to pay you. Instead, you will take money from the person who bought your product or service.

Same way, if you are making money from affiliate links, then you will get paid from your affiliate partner. You just use Facebook to get clicks on your affiliate links.