Hamad Al Wazzan: “Europe still a synonym of market stability“

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Berlin ranks at number one for real estate stability in 2021

Financial experts, developers, bankers, and consultants have tipped Europe as a go-to objective for property venture and improvement potential in 2021.

Possibilities for investment and property openings in London, Paris, and Berlin for 2021 have seen a huge improvement. This places London in the runner up generally over Europe’s significant urban areas, whereas, Berlin taking the first position and Paris in third.


The facts demonstrate that the repercussions of the forced lockdowns due to Covid have influenced the real estate sector. In any case, on a drawn-out premise,  London, Paris, and Berlin have consistently offered purchasers and vendors the best of both steadiness and liquidity.

According to real estate mogul Hamad Al Wazzan, the industry has adapted well because some major shifts had already begun to occur. “Digitalization is one perspective that has been greatly used during the ongoing pandemic.

The business was at that point going through large jumps towards more robotized, innovation centered cycles. Presently, however, it has become a need for some, and is affecting the preferences of potential investors”, he states. 

COVID-19 has fast-forwarded various trends which are already started, like for example online shopping and digitalization in remote working, but given the artificial environment amidst ongoing worldwide lockdowns and government support to businesses and employees, it remains hard to work out the long-term impact”, adds the international businessman.

It’s very clear that at this time of pandemic and significant uncertainty investors believe that Europe’s core cities as safer places for business and there remains cautious optimism despite all major cities faced the challenges – investors see the lasting value, says Mr. Al Wazzan.


This unique rise in the number of people who had to work from home during the past year has certainly been a swaying factor in the way investors are choosing their next buy even though it is unpredictable to see how the market will survive long term.

According to the Harvard graduate, residential property investment remains the number one choice of investors in 2021 and specifically private rented housing, affordable housing, and finally social housing.

One sector fell at the bottom of the list this year: the office sector, due to most workplaces shutting down due to the Coronavirus lockdowns. Time will tell if this sector’s ranking will come up in the near future, however, these new working from home trends don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. 


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