Published On: Thu, Dec 3rd, 2020

New Trends to Follow For Successful Digital Marketing in 2021


The new year is just coming but the pandemic situation of the world is worse than what it was at the end of 2019. The world lockdown has affected a lot of local businesses but on the other hand trend of online shopping and digital marketing has witnessed a boost.

The Middle East and Asian countries where people were not much into online shopping also now moving towards online shopping trends. A lot of businesses started their websites and shopping apps to continue their business.

No one knows when the world will get rid of this Covid-19 virus, but one thing is clear that digital marketing trends are changing now. With more competition in the market, one needs to be more clever, well organized, and should be equipped with online marketing tools.

Even if you want to start a dropshipping store, you should follow these digital marketing trends in 2021 for an extra advantage.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

According to different surveys and case studies, there are a few new trends in digital marketing that one should follow in 2021 to get success. Let’s see what are these new trends;

Featured Snippets or Position Zero

From many years in the SEO industry, the ideal position was to get on the top of the 1st page of Google search. But as the trends are changing, now the ideal position is “Position-Zero” in the Google search engine.

Many of you might not know what is position zero, but you have seen it for sure countless times if you use the internet regularly. It is a special position that Google provides to only 1 website and separates that from the rest of the search results with a box.

For example, if you search in Google for the profitable and top dropshipping niches in 2021, you will get this result:

google snippet position zero

This box at position zero is called a featured snippet of Google.

In this box, Google usually shows more information as compared to the normal search result. Moreover, this information is closely related to what the user searches for.

Mostly when someone asks a question or wants to see a list of something, Google shows such a result where the answer is quite visible and there is no need to click on the site to get the answer.

With that, it sometimes also shows bullet points as well. Though for a precise answer, there is no need to click but those who get the short answer in the featured snippet, click immediately on that site to get a detailed answer.

So in 2021, if you want to get more visibility your main focus should be to appear in the zero position.

For this, you need to use inbound tactics and learn how to rank in Google’s Featured Snippets.

Short-Form Videos

We all know that video marketing is a great tool to promote your products, services, or brand. No doubt, video marketing is a great tool as it has a positive impact on the viewers and you can help the potential customers to know about your brand and yourself as well.

But in 2021, short-form video marketing will be the king in digital marketing. TikTok is one example of a short-form video where many marketing experts are investing because they know it is the best platform to interact with the youth.

Using Tik Tok influencers, any business can reach youngsters as well the seniors. Other than that, Facebook also used Instagram reel as a short-form video tool and Snap Chat also implemented a major update.

Even on YouTube and Facebook, people like to watch short and precise videos. If the first 5 seconds have a good impression on the viewer, he can watch your 20 to 30 seconds video with interest.

These 30 seconds will make or break for you. You can get a lot of customers with these 20 to 30 seconds short videos provided that you know how to make an effective and engaging video that provides awareness about your services or brand.

Content Optimized For Voice Search

Google algorithm currently has no special features for voice search, but the trend of searching using a voice query is increasing. Especially the kids use the voice search for their education or entertainment stuff.

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They don’t want to type so they are happy to use the voice search option. This normally shows different results as of the search made by typing.

To get your site to appear in the voice search results, you need to write content that should be specially optimized for the voice. Your tone of writing should be direct and conversational so that it can sync with the voice query.

If you understand the voice search and stay relevant, your site will be visible in voice search and you will get more visibility and traffic on your site.

If you don’t understand what is voice search, you can get the help of an SEO expert who can do it for you. Invest your time in managing your stock, deliveries, and other managerial work, and leave the digital marketing work for the one who is specialized in SEO.


It is time to follow the new trends if you want to keep on top of your competitors. Remember that short-form videos will be the digital marketing king in 2021, so focus on that as much as you can.

With all these new trends, don’t underestimate the power of traditional social media marketing, hashtags, link building, and especially business listing.

You can’t ignore these traditional ways. You have to work on those as well along with the adaptation of the new digital marketing trends in 2021.