The PLEA – Official Song By Shalkal

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The famous dancehall music artist ‘Shalkal’ has promised to expand his audience internationally with real music. He is one step closer to fulfill his promise with his latest song “The PLEA”.

The whole world is facing a drastic lockdown due to Covid-19 and the mutation of the coronavirus. Obviously, common people are badly affected by the lockdown while artists and celebrities can feel the pain. Some new artists are also affected as studios are closed and they are facing difficulties in finding new work.

In this situation, our dancehall music artist Shalkal came forward and he recorded a song with meaningful lyrics. This song is actually a plea to GOD and Shalkal is asking for help from the Lord in this bad time.

In this song, he tries to communicate with God and tries to tell Him that we are crying and you are the only one who can hear our prayers. Shalkal, in his lyrics, said that every single person is feeling stress while the poor people are in worst condition than ever before.

Shalkal expressed that we are helpless against this situation, we can’t do anything to fight this situation. Even we don’t have friends who can do something for us. Obviously, we can’t survive in this situation and things must be changed.

He asked for help from his God to revert the things like these were before this bad time. It is only God who can take humanity out of these crises.

In short, the whole song is about the pain and helplessness of mankind. On behalf of human beings, Shalkal is asking for help from God as only God can provide the strength to fight this situation and only He can change things for us.

Because of the meaningful and emotional lyrics, people are loving this song. They can feel that this song is actually their own prayer that they wanted to do from God. Shalkal has got new fans because of this song “The PLEA”.

“The PLEA” was released in May 2021 and it performed well on YouTube and Spotify during the month. He also launched a remix song of “The PLEA” as well.

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