Shalkal is Excited to Expand His Audience Internationally With Real Music

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SHALKAL - Dance Hall Music

Worldwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has drastic effects on the global economy as well as the personal life of every single person. Artists all around the world also facing problems due to Covid-19, that is why Shalkal, the dance hall music artist, is speaking on the issue as well.

In a recent interview, he said, “Covid-19 has taught us a lesson that we should not waste our energy on every single matter in the world. We shouldn’t worry about the things that don’t matter at all, in fact, we should only focus on the betterment of mankind. Our efforts should be for the things that are important for our life.”

Shalkal said that artistes are also affected by this pandemic and that is why he suggested that new artists should collaborate with different companies in order to generate some new sources of revenue.

dancehall-reggae artiste ShalkalHe said that a business partnership between an artiste and a company is very important and if it is strategically correct, they can execute the right things for the right audience at the right time. “It will unveil the new opportunities for both, the artiste and for the company”, he further added.

Shalkal was upset due to useless discussions on social media and never-ending beef by the artistes. He said that the year 2020 has taken more than a million lives all around the world so only focus on your work instead of the things that have no value at all.

Shalkal, the artiste has finally decided to step into the booth a few years ago after years of being a successful entrepreneur. His humorous song ‘Ungrateful Maga Dog’ released a while ago that has provided him a new recognization over online music streams.

“Music is my life and when I enter into the studio, I feel that I am in my home. It feels so great and motivates me to present a new kind of music to the audience”, he added.

He further said that he wanted to grow his fan following worldwide with the help of his new upcoming songs. In response to a question, he said that he has depth in his songs that have a message and that is why he only creates real and authentic music.

“Envious So” was the song that spawned numerous dance videos that surfaced on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Shalkal grew up in Runaway Bay, St Ann and he attended York Castle High in Brown’s Town. Other songs on his credit include “Fi You Money”, “Come Money Come”, and “Money Dance”.

He wants to release an EP in 2021.

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