Brian “Brizz” Gillis, a Founder of LFO who Passed Away at the Age of 47

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Another of the original members of the band LFO, which rose to fame in the 1990s thanks to their rendition of the song “Summer Girls,” passed away recently.

Brian “Brizz” Gillis passed away on Wednesday. He was 47 years old. It is currently unclear what caused his passing away.

Brad Fischetti and Rich Cronin were also early members of the band in addition to Gillis, who was there from the beginning. In 1995, he and Cronin were the band’s founding members. After Fischetti’s addition, the band was offered a recording contract with Trans Continental Records, owned by Lou Pearlman. This was the same record label that had previously signed boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

After that, the band had some success, but they didn’t really break through to the mainstream until they launched “Summer Girls,” which became a smash hit and was also recognized as “the Abercrombie & Fitch hit song.”

Gillis left the band right before they began to experience success, and Devin Lima was brought in to take his place. They then went on to have another hit with the song “Girl on TV,” which was accompanied by a music video featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Gillis was the 3rd member of LFO to leave this world, despite the fact that the band members were still in their 20s when they were at the height of their popularity.

Cronin died in 2010 after battling leukemia. After receiving medication that was meant to assist him to recoup from disruptions caused by a transplant of stem cells, he suffered a stroke. He was 36 years old.

Lima passed away in 2018 from adrenal cancer that had progressed to stage 4. He was 41.

On his Instagram account, LFO’s only remaining member, Fischetti, paid tribute to Gillis with a post that was posted there.

He started by saying, “Each story is broken up into chapters.” “Some develop all by themselves, while others require you to do some mental chopping and changing. Yesterday, A substantial character who played an important role in the storyline of the first few chapters of the LFO was killed off.

“The passing of Brian “Brizz” Gillis marks the conclusion of his life. I don’t have any details, and even if I had, I wouldn’t feel safe disclosing them to you. I can’t seem to wrap my head around this tragic loss. The LFO Story is tragic, as I have said before and will say again. If you know me, then you know that I have been trying to explain things in greater detail. seeking redemption and understanding by way of adversity. Attempting to measure up to big shoes to fill.”

Fischetti referred to Gillis as his buddy and former bandmate, and he said that “If it weren’t for his hard work and commitment in the initial periods of LFO, the very first couple of chapters, there would be no such thing as the LFO, which you have made your way to understand and (hopefully) adore.

He went on to say, “My connection with Brian was very complicated.” “There were periods of extreme anguish, as well as periods of exceptional contentment and pleasure. With him, I learned a lot about the inner workings of the music biz and also about how to organize an event that rocks. He was a great teacher. I’ve always relied on the bright sides of our friendship, and I plan to keep doing so for the near future.

“I have been hoping for the best for Brian on a daily basis for a good number of years, and I will keep praying for both him and his beloved father that is doing this for, his family, his friends, and all of those who loved him,”

In a heartfelt phrase that brought attention to the passing of former members of the band, Fischetti said, “I am aware that shortly or perhaps already, Brizz would be met by Devin and Rich.” This was a moving way to acknowledge the passing of the members of the band. And I am hoping that when they are combined, they will produce some pleasant sounds. It is something I’d be very interested in.

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