Alizeh Shah aka Alizooo Won the Hearts of Fans With Her Cutest Pictures

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Alizeh Shah Alizooo Black Dress

Alizeh Shah aka Alizooo has won the heart of the fans with her cutest pictures in a beautiful black dress. Alizeh Shah has posted her beautiful pictures on her Instagram account and on her Facebook page. She is looking gorgeous wearing black salwar kameez with a black net embroidered dupatta.

The character Dua, from the ISPR’s sponsored drama “Ehd-e-Wafa” was the one that provided Alizeh Shah a breakthrough in her career. But then suddenly she becomes the most hatred Pakistan actress because of the bold dresses that she used to wear at various events and commercials.

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Recently she was again in the news when she recorded a controversial message on the independence day of Pakistan i.e 14th of August. She raised a lot of valid points about the society of Pakistan. But at the same time, she mentioned that we should be allowed to wear any type of dress.

This statement was not liked by Pakistani people. They believe that any actress or celebrity should wear a dress that represents the culture of Pakistan and not the culture of the west.

But now, she posted some of her cutest ever pictures in traditional Pakistani dress. A lot of fans appreciated her pictures and showed their love for Alizeh Shah. Most of the fans appreciate that she is back in her real and natural beauty. While there were still some people who criticized her for wearing a deep back neck dress.

Alizeh Shah Black Dress

Alizeh Shah was looking stunning in her embroidered black dress with golden matching jewelry. Although, these were some old pictures, but when she reshared, fans were so happy.

Watch some of her pictures and tell us if you like these pictures or not?

Alizeh Shah Deep Back Neck

Alizeh Shah Instagram

Alizeh Shah HD Pictures

Alizeh Shah Full Black Dress

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