What Impact Has Technology Had on How We Attend Music Festivals?

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Technology Impact on Music Festivals

It’s no secret that technology has had a big impact on our daily lives, however, we have a tendency to capture and share material on the internet. However, we connect with friends and family on the opposite aspect of the world.

With the increase in quality of social media and mobile phones, it had been solely a matter of your time till technology influenced however millennials understand music festivals – for higher or worse. We’ve checked out however technology has influenced our pageant behavior and knowledge during this post.

Festival life is created by technology

Nowadays, there is an app for everything. There square measure a range of strange and wonderful apps on the market that attempt to create your life a bit easier, from standardization your stringed instrument together with your|along with your} phone to dominant your TV with your phone.

And once it involves festivals, there square measure variety of fantastic apps that will assist you to create the foremost of it slow there. The Tent Finder app, for instance, that will specify what it says on the tin – locates your tent in an exceeding ocean of thousands – has been a bang with festival-goers UN agency realize it tough to maneuver their tent once an extended day of partying.

The clever-working program records the situation of your tent on your phone’s map utilizing technology that allows you to mark locations victimization GPS, thus you’ll realize it quickly come back time of day.

Technology Can Keep You Safe

It’s implausibly straightforward to act together with your friends and family victimization apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook traveler to allow them to apprehend wherever you’re and if you are safe. Whereas music festivals and concerts square measure doubtless gratifying, they will even be horrifying if you become disoriented or separated from your friends in an exceedingly Brobdingnagian crowd.

However, if this happens, you’ll be able to directly message your friends to allow them to apprehend wherever you’re. As a result, technology is an incredible safety web in this regard.

Plus, whereas bombings just like the one at urban center Grande’s Manchester performance square measure rare, knowing that you simply will contact your darling ones or the emergency services with the bit of a button is usually consolatory.

No need to carry a handbag

Festival Goers don’t need to carry money around with them due to the appearance of contactless payment systems and Apple Pay. A charge plate or smartphone can answer. These contactless payment strategies additionally mean you are less doubtless to forget money and do not have to be compelled to queue in extortionately extended lines for the money purpose, that could be a profit.

Easier to set up travel plans

Transportation technology apps like Uber have revolutionized however we have a tendency to get to and from events. rather than taking an extended bus ride from the opposite aspect of the country to urge to the pageant, you’ll currently hail AN Uber carpool and obtain your friends on the way for a lot of convenient journeys.

Pill testing at festivals likewise

The strongest case for drug testing at festivals is that it should save lives. Second, it should provide a way of eliciting activity and angle changes that square measure immune to alternative, a lot of grueling approaches.

What is more, testing or the provision of club drug testing MDMA testing kits seems to instill caution, which is sometimes a positive issue once it involves illicit drug use?

Disadvantages of Technology on Music Festivals

Phones can run out of power

Once the smartphone culture has instructed North American country something, it’s that if our phone runs out of battery, our lives square measure over, and this can be very true once you are within the middle of a music pageant.

The concern of your phone dying is incredibly real, and whereas innovations like pop-up charging stations are introduced at festivals, they regularly escort drawbacks like long wait periods and high costs.

Wanted to look perfect on social media

Our obsession with uploading content to social media to make the looks of a ‘perfect’ life has had a big impact on however we have a tendency to attend music festivals, due to technological advancements.

We’re obtaining a lot of tempted to require the perfect Instagram image or Snapchat video, to sway our friends that we’re having a bloody experience, instead of living within the moment and fascinating the ambiance at the pageant like we have a tendency to once did.  Rather than seeing festivals through our own eyes, we have a tendency to currently see them through the eyes of our cameras.

And musicians square measure conscious of this: within the past, acts like Mumford & Sons have suggested cellular phone bans throughout concerts within the name of a digital ward, albeit these measures square measure terribly harsh.

Finding web hotspots

Apart from inclementness and terrible sleeping arrangements, most of my friends have complained regarding the absence of web property at festivals because of the most wanted concern, as we are able to in person attest. Is this it, guys? cannot we have a tendency to go daily while not being joined to the internet?

We’re perpetually on the lookout for free-of-charge wireless local area networks and 4G hotspots at festivals, due to our pathological addiction to posting to social media.

In keeping with a 2014 survey by Eventbrite, “nearly one out of each four posts regarding music festivals originated from individuals collaborating remotely via live streams or alternative styles of involvement, whereas seventeen % of discussions passed off throughout festivals.”

We have a tendency to pay loads of your time live-streaming or Tweeting regarding our pageant expertise whereas we’re truly experiencing it, because the preceding purpose suggests, and this, of course, necessitates our being connected to the net. It’s as if it’s our lifeline, and that we cannot rest till we’ve clung there too.

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