Halter Dresses: Things You Need To Know About Glamorous Party Dress

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If you need to shine at a party and want to get noticed by everyone, then Halter dress should be your choice. You might have seen a lot of celebrities wearing glamorous halter dresses at fashion shows. You can wear different types of halter dresses that require you to wear different types of halter bras as well.

If you are looking for frugal female fashion options, then a formal halter dress is the best choice. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about this glamorous party dress.

What is a Halter Dress?

A halter dress is a type of dress that has two pieces of straps that go around your neck. These two straps are either sewn or are designed in such a way that you can tie a knot or bow behind your neck.

The concept of a halter dress is based on a sleeveless plus backless dress. This is a revealing dress that reveals most parts of the back or at least the upper back. Sometimes it is a bikini style dress that has straps around your neck and a pair of straps at the middle of your back. That means all your back is naked, but it covers your full chest and may cover part of or full abdomen as well.

If you have long hair then your hair can hide the straps behind the neck as well that giving an idea that nothing is holding the dress from behind. It also reveals full shoulders and deep armpits.

Who can Wear Halter Neck Dresses?

Usually, halter neck dresses are deep neckline dresses that show your cleavage and make a perfect bustline. Though anyone can wear a halter neck dress who likes it, it looks perfect on a specific body type.

You can wear the halter neck dress if you have a body type with:

  • Medium or Fuller Bust
  • Wide Shoulders
  • Hourglass or Streight Midsection
  • Height more than 5 feet to 7 inches

Can I Wear a Halter Dress at Work?

A halter dress is a strapless and backless dress that is revealing in its nature. It reveals most of your back, shoulder, armpits, and in some cases your deep cleavage as well. Normally many workplaces and offices strictly prohibit wearing strapless dresses and tube tanks dresses.

So, it is not a good idea to wear a halter dress at work in any case.

Where should I Wear a Halter Dress?

Some brides love to wear a halter dress at their wedding reception. It is also a party dress, so if you are going to a party where you are expecting a lot of fun, dance and maybe romance as well, the halter dress could be your best choice.

Most of the celebrities wear mini halter dresses on the red carpet, at different awards shows, and mostly in nightclubs as well. If you want to seduce your partner you should definitely go with a deep-neck halter dress.

In family parties where adults and seniors are getting together, avoid wearing a halter dress.

What Bra to Wear with Halter Tops?

What Bra To Wear With Halter Tops

You can’t wear a traditional bra with a halter dress that has shoulder and back straps. The reason is obvious. Bra staps will not look good in your backless body dress. So, there are different types of bras that you can wear with halter tops.

So, these are the best types of bra to wear with halter tops:

Halter Neck Bra

halter neck bra

Halter neck bra and halter dresses are made for each other. Just like a halter dress, a halter bra also has top straps that are either sewn or designed to tie around your neck. In this way, the top straps of your bra will hide under the straps of your halter top.

The straps on the back of this halter neck bra will be either visible at the middle of your back, or will also be hidden under the back strap of your halter top.

Strapless Bra

Strapless Bra with Halter Top

Strapless bras are designed to wear with strapless dresses. But you can wear a strapless bra with a halter top as well. If you choose a strapless bra with a halter top, make sure that you select a bra with a wider band. It will provide good support and makes a good cleavage.

Some strapless bras are high neck bras, so if you wear that with a deep neck halter dress, make sure that you are choosing the same color of bra.

Tube Top

Personally, I don’t like a tube tank to wear with a halter top but you can wear a tube top with a halter top as well. If you don’t like a halter neck bra or strapless bra, then you can go with a tube top.

Types of Halter Dresses

The basic concept of a halter dress is the same, but you can differentiate halter dresses based on their length and other features. Here you can check different types of halter dresses:

Halter Dress Maxi

Halter Dress Maxi

Maxi dresses are long dresses that are fit from the top and loose from the bottom. A halter maxi dress is also a long dress that is about to ankle length. From the top, it is the same as a halter neck top. You can also find halter maxi dresses with a side cut from the bottom that adds even more beauty.

A Halter dress maxi is best for those ladies who are tall and have slim bodies.

Halter Dress Casual

Halter Dress Casual

Casual halter dresses normally have medium length. It can be up to your knees so that you can casually go anywhere wearing this halter dress casual. Halter casual dresses cover the body from the upper chest and down to the knees.

Halter Dress Mini

Halter Dress Mini Sexy

A halter dress mini is the best choice if you are willing to look sexy or to seduce your partner. Halter mini dresses are short in length that reveal almost full legs as they cover your body up to the buttocks.

Mostly, a halter mini dress will have a deep neckline that shows your deep cleavage and give you a sensual look.

Final Words

If you are a young woman who loves the attention of everyone at a party then a halter dress is only for you. You can choose a halter dress that can either cover your full chest or shows your deep neck cleavage.

But in any case, remember that you shouldn’t wear a halter dress at the workplace. The management will surely dislike you as you will look too bold and sexy at the workplace wearing a halter dress.

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