What Are The Requirements To Open a Company in United States as a Foreigner?

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The United States is not only a great country to live in but it is best to open a company as a foreigner as well. In fact, if you are not interested in moving to the United States, you can still open your company and start a business in the United States.

It is not necessary to be a US citizen or a USA immigrant to register a company. Foreigners can also start their business in the United States without requiring migrating there. They just need to apply for US visa online so that they can visit USA for once to open their business account and to register their company.

In this article, I will simply explain how foreigners can open their company in the US and can start their business. So, let’s start:

How to Start Your Company in USA as a Foreigner?

When you have a business plan and initial investment, you can easily start your company in USA. There is a simple procedure that you need to follow. If you do so, you are good to start your company in USA as a foreigner.

Remember, US is one of the best countries to start a business as a foreigner.

Select Your State

Remember that different states in the US have different laws. Every state has its own pros and cons about starting a new business. They have different laws to support businesses and also they have different taxation system.

In some cases, they have different laws about specific business as well. The business that your new company is going to operate may be legal in one state while it may be illegal and prohibited or may have some restrictions and high taxation system in another state.

So, you should be very careful while selecting your state where you want to open your company. As a foreigner, you can consider these 3 states:

  • Delaware
  • Wyoming
  • Nevada

Register Your LLC

Obviously you have a company name in your mind and you need to register that as well. The best option for foreigners is to register a Limited Liability Company (LLC). While selecting a name, make sure that it is not confusing with any Government agency like FBI or others.

Moreover, make sure that the name you decide should have “LLC” or Limited Liablility Company as a part of it. It is also good to find the web domain name with the same name as well to represent your company online.

Then you need to find a registrar, that might be a person or a business who will register your LLC in your desired state in United States. It is also good if you create a legal document that explains the ownership and operarting procedure of your LLC. It is called LLC operating agreement.

Also, check this article to learn how non-resident can start business in Canada?

Get Your EIN

Any person, doing business in US must have a US Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Tax Indetification Number (ITIN). But when you are opening an LLC company, you can apply for Employment Identification Number (EIN) instead of SSN or ITIN.

To get your EIN, you don’t need to have SSN, ITIN or a US physical business mailing address.

Get Physical Mailing Address

To get an EIN, physical mailing address of the business is not required, but you need this to open your bank acount. It is also good to have a physical business mailing address because if you use your registered agent’s address as business address, that might be flagged. Because a lot more companies are already using the same business address.

So, if you get your own actual physical business mailing address in US for your LLC, then you mails will be safe and you can also use that for your business bank account in the US.

Get a US Bank Account

Now the last step is to receive and send payments to from and to your clientsw in US and outside of US. For this, you need to have a bank account as well. It is good if you have your bank account in the same state where your company is registered. Whereas a few states won’t mind if you have your bank account there while having a company in another state.

To open your US bank account, you need to fill your US visa application form and after getting your visa, you can go to US and get your business account.

Note: You can also open your US virtual bank account without requiring to visit USA via Payoneer.

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