Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem Won Javelin Gold: Commonwealth Games 2022

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Arshad Nadeem Gold Medal CWG Javelin Throw

The javelin competition was won by Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan, who threw more than 90 meters to take first place. Absolute scenes!!!!

In response to his performance, the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, sent out a tweet in which he congratulated Arshad Nadeem on winning the gold medal in the javelin throw competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and making history. Your accomplishments have brought pride to the nation.

Arshad Nadeem Gold President Alvi Tweets

Zulfiqar Khan said: Arshad Nadeem. Gold medal! fought through an injury they sustained. and won a victory over the person who is now holding the title of world champion. Took the previous record for the Commonwealth and surpassed it.

A javelin throw that was his personal best was made by him. The following recounts the adventures of a hero. An accomplished individual hailing from Pakistan. There hasn’t been a more inspiring demonstration of grit and determination in Pakistani sporting events that I can think of.

Arshad Nadeem Gold Medal CWG Javelin Throw

The first throw that Arshad Nadeem made was an impressive one that traveled 86.81 meters. Whereas the world champion Anderson Peters starts off the day with his attempts as well. The first throw he took was 82.30 meters.

Arshad Nadeem’s second try at throwing was nowhere near his first throw, as he crossed the line to make it an invalid throw. This was his second attempt. Anderson Peters improves on his first throw by reaching 82.74 and reaching it. Despite this, he was currently in the third position.

The return of Arshad Nadeem was highlighted with a tremendous throw of 88.00 meters. Another personal best for the athlete from Pakistan, who now has a larger advantage over his competitors.

On his third effort, Peters from Grenada throws an 81.02-meter distance. His score of 82.74 on his final attempt was good enough to maintain him in third place.

AND THE WORLD CHAMPION MAKES HIS ENTRANCE!!! With 88.64 meters, Anderson Peters overtakes Pakistan’s Nadeem and takes the first position in the competition.

Arshad Nadeem Family

This time, Nadeem’s throw was more than 90 meters!!! Absolute scenes!!!!

The athlete from Pakistan throws a distance of 90.18 meters, which was a new Games record. This was the third time tonight that he had set a new personal best. Nadeem was participating in the most challenging competition of his life. He smashed the game with his brilliant throws.

There was one more chance for Nadeem, and there was also one for Peters. The competition has begun!

In his final effort, Peters was unable to beat the 90.18-meter mark, which ensures that he will place on the podium. The final competition in the javelin throw was won by Nadeem. He has won the gold medal in Commonwealth Games 2022 for his country Pakistan.

Final Result: 1. Arshad Nadeem (Pakistan) 90.18m 2. Anderson Peters (Grenada) 88.64m 3. Julius Yego (Kenya) 85.70m

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