McCarthy will Meet with President of Taiwan on Wednesday in Los Angeles

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The historic meeting between Speaker Of the house Kevin McCarthy and President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen is scheduled to take place on Wednesday. This meeting comes in the wake of warnings issued by China.

In a press release issued on Monday morning, the office of the California Republican provided the specifics of the encounter. According to the statement, McCarthy will play host to a meeting between members of both parties, including Tsai, located in California’s Presidential Library of Ronald W. Reagan.

According to a copy of the guest list that CNN was able to obtain, members of this group will also include Representative Pete Aguilar of California, a senior representative of the Democratic leadership, as well as the representatives of the special committee on China, who come from both parties. Other attendees will also be included.

The gathering has been eagerly expected for a long time, and it is almost certain that it will shake up the tense correlation between the United States and China. Which grew more tense after a spy balloon of China floated over the northern region of America in February and was subsequently smacked down by jet fighters from the United States.

According to a recent report by CNN, Tsai is traveling around Central America as part of a diplomatic task that also includes stops in the United States. If a conference between McCarthy and Tsai does take place, China has vowed to fight again in a decisive and determined manner.

Despite the fact that the ruling Communist Party of China has never been able to gain control of the island government, they continue to claim it as part of China’s territory.

The United States recognizes China’s stance that Taiwan is part of its territory in accordance with the “One China” strategy; nevertheless, the United States never has officially accepted Beijing’s claim to the island. The leadership of China has rejected to exclude the option of employing military force in order to secure Beijing’s grip over the island.

McCarthy is scheduled to meet with Taiwan’s president, but the White House is remaining tight-lipped about whether or not it supports this meeting.

Olivia Dalton, the senior assistant press secretary, responded to a query from CNN onboard Air Force One on Monday by saying that she would direct the reporter to the office of the Speaker of the House as well as the office of President Tsai for any details regarding a possible meeting.

Upon her arrival in the city of New York the week prior, Tsai claimed that the connection between Taiwan and the US is at its most intimate point ever.

We are aware that when we show solidarity with other democrats, we are able to exert a greater amount of influence. According to a video from CNN’s Taiwan station SET TV, Tsai made her remarks at a meal with representatives of the American-Taiwanese community. She stated that Taiwan can’t be alone and that Taiwanese people do not take their friendships for granted.

At this point, the Presidential Office of Taiwan has not confirmed any of Tsai’s possible talks with American officials.

Last week, China’s director d’affaires Xu Xueyuan said to journalists that the presence of Tsai in the United States might lead to a serious clash in China-US relations and has a “serious effect” on bilateral ties. He made these statements about Tsai’s visit to the United States.

It had been 25 years since a speaker of the United States House of Representatives had visited Taiwan when McCarthy’s predecessor, Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi, made a historic trip there before she stepped down as speaker of the House. Pelosi made the statement during her tour that the purpose of the visit was to make it “unequivocally apparent” that the United States will “not leave” the democratically controlled island.

That visit was received with great opposition from China, and Beijing’s response was to begin major military drills surrounding the island as a way to show their displeasure.

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