French Climber Died in Alleged fall at Hong Kong Skyscrapers Stunt

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French climber

Remi Lucidi, 30 years old, was discovered dead on a terrace at an apartment complex. She had a significant online following.

The body of a guy who has been recognized as the French mountaineer Remi Lucidi was found in Hong Kong. The man is thought to have died after falling from a tall building while trying a trick.

On the terrace of an apartment building in the Mid-Levels neighborhood, the dead corpse of a guy who was 30 years old and was thought to have participated in extreme activities was discovered, according to the police.

Local media identified him as Lucidi, who built up a sizeable social media audience under the name “Remi Enigma” by posting images taken from high places all over the world.

After conducting preliminary inquiries, the police in Hong Kong stated that they had a strong suspicion that the man was knocked down from a ledge. There was no note left behind at the scene of the suicide.

When the man approached the apartment building, he told security that he was going to visit a buddy who lived on the 40th level. However, once inside, he took the elevator up to the 49th floor and then used the stairwells to get to the top floor.

Thursday evening about 7.30 p.m. local time, or 12.30 p.m. British Summer Time, he allegedly rapped on the window of an apartment in the penthouse located on the 68th floor and asked to be let in. A domestic worker who was working inside told the authorities that she had been wary of the man and had ignored him; as a result, the man ultimately left.

Later on, the police received an inquiry from security reporting a gas leak; however, when they came, they discovered the body of the man outside the building, and it appeared that his fall had burst a gas line.

Officers searched his person and found a sports cam with an earlier film of various extreme activities as well as a French card of identification on his person.

On social media, his admirers expressed their sorrow at his passing. When Lucidi last shared an image of Hong Kong’s night scenery on Instagram, it was a week ago. The photo was taken in Times Square, which is located in the commercial district of Causeway Bay.

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