Indian BSF Soldier’s video shames the Government of PM Narendra Modi

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indian bsf soldeir video gone viral

An Indian Border Security Force (BFS) soldier’s video has gone viral in Pakistan’s social media in which a soldier that deployed in Jammu and Kashmir shamed the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over deplorable working conditions.

New Delhi: A video of uploaded on Facebook by an Indian Border Security Force caused a stir as it become the viral fever. The video featuring the bitter truths of the Indian government about the forces alleging they were forced to live with poor deplorable conditions. A BSF soldier whose identification has been revealed as Taj Bahadur Yadav deployed in Indian occupied region of Jammu Kashmir, slammed the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government by sharing the plight of Border Security Forces troops.

Not only the video caused a stir but also it prompts an inquiry by the Border Force authorities. However, the words spoken by Taj Bahadur Yadav are, “Government Changes but the situation of Border Security Force will remain same, we have to eat a paratha with a cup of tea in breakfast which is without any pickle and veggies”.

“We have to slog for 11 hours and sometimes we have to stand throughout the duty hours”, he added more, “Our Lunch menu is Daal (Pulses) which is teaming with Haldi (Turmeric) and salt. This is the quality of Indian Border Security Forces’ food, how a jawan can do his duty”. The Jawan also requested PM Narendra Modi to probe out the matter as here is no one who show their plight.

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