Twitter Release New Feature to Select Who Can Reply Your Tweet

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Twitter Who Can Reply Privacy Update

Twitter rolled out the latest update that everyone was waiting for. This feature will give users more privacy upon who will be able to reply to their tweets.

We see on Facebook where we can control post privacy based on public, friends, or mutual friends. The Twitter community was asking for a long time to have the same update on Twitter.


This option will give more freedom to a user when he is tweeting. This will allow you to select any of the following tweet privacy. These are either keep it public, or just followers, or only for people whom you mentioned.

When you select this privacy, people outside the privacy will still be able to see the tweet and all replies. They can like or Retweet the same with their custom comment. However, they can’t post a public reply to your tweet.

From today, you will see this update on major Twitter platforms iOS and Android. Web users may have to wait a little longer to get the same.

Some days ago, Twitter, by mistake, launched a setting for iOS users that included details related to the tweet reply limit. As soon as the reply went public, Twitter claimed that it is a mistake and took it back.

For this time, they took out the update for beta users, used and tested, and now this update is available for all users.

Twitter started to work on this idea some time ago when more users demanded that they need to control their privacy in a better way. From May 2020, Twitter started to test this feature. Speaking about this, Twitter’s VP stated that our motivation is to give our users better control.

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