PM Imran Khan inaugurates much-awaited Peshawar BRT

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Peshawar BRT Inauguration PM Imran Khan

The much-awaited, large, important, and crucial project of the KPK government, Peshawar BRT, is at last ready. PM Khan inaugurated it today, and from now on, the project is available for the public for the commune.

This was a flagship project that was head by Former CM Pervez Khattak led provincial government. The main motive of this project was to make moving easier within the provincial capital. The project has crucial importance for all the locals and thousands of other people who come to Peshawar daily for their jobs.


On this special occasion was present, the Prime Minister Imran Khan, KPK CM Mahmood Khan, Former CM, and present Defense Minister Pervez Khattak, along with the Sindh Governor Imran Ismail.

PM Imran Khan inaugurated the project and addressed the ceremony through his speech. He was of the view that a good transport system is vital for everyone. He further hoped for the well-being of people as the new project will ease people in terms of time, cost, and quality of commune.


Mr. Prime Minister further added that a good transport system eases the lives of common people. We have set the ticket price between Rs 10 to 50, so everyone can afford it. He announced that soon we would start special tickets for students. As a result, they can enjoy premium services at less price.

The Prime Minister always believed and added in his today speech too that a good transport system is the backbone of a city. It connects all local markets, give jobs to locals, allows time-saving, and as a result, increase the per capita income of people.

Remember that the project not only includes a bus track but also includes bicycle service. There are 360 bicycles in total route. The Hybrid Buses of Peshawar BRT will help to reduce pollution in the provincial capital, and this is an added benefit.

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