Published On: Mon, Jul 25th, 2022

Best Winter Snow Festivals in Canada


Winter Snow Festivals in Canada

It is not necessary to go into hibernation this winter. We think that these are some of the best reasons to bundle up and get a taste of Canadian winter. With kids and family, you can enjoy the best snow festivals in Canada during winter.

If you get a Canada visa train trip, you can enjoy your family trip in a much better way. With this, you can also enjoy many more Canadian winter festivals.

Snow Magic in Toronto

Snow Magic in Toronto

Who says you have to bundle up in order to attend an event during the winter? Snow Magic at Ontario Place is a drive-through art show that spans 1.7 kilometers and can be experienced from the coziness and convenience of your own vehicle.

In addition to a carefully crafted soundtrack that you can listen to on the radio and an interactive game, the immersive experience features 17 artworks that were inspired by fire, light, and ice (with the chance to win great prizes).

Snow Magic is an event that takes place from the middle of November till the middle of January and is open from dark until late. Check out these Christmas festivals in Canada that you can enjoy with your family on your Canadian trip.

The World Ski & Snowboard Festival, Whistler


During the winter months, the mountains of British Columbia are the undisputed rulers. If you go to one of the most popular ski resorts in the province (or maybe the world), you won’t simply be treated to outstanding slopes.

You’ll get to experience a lot more. An end-of-the-ski-season party is held in Whistler every year in April, and it is so much fun that even the most dedicated skiers can forget that the snow will soon melt away.

The World Ski & Snowboard Festival is a party that celebrates the culture of skiing and snowboarding in all its forms and is one that you will want to take part in.

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This lineup of events is a wonderful addition to Whistler’s already unrivaled nightlife, featuring anything from silent disco to an outdoor concert series, a roller derby to a dog parade.

Snowking Castle Festival, Yellowknife

Snowking Castle Festival in Yellowknife

There must be Snowking somewhere in Canada, of course. And every winter, you can count on him to construct an impressive snow fortress. On Great Slave Lake, the annual Snowking Festival in Yellowknife is a celebration of all things frosty and ice.

This celebration is jam-packed with performances and activities. But the main attraction is the enormous ice castle that took two months to build (and even more planning). Do you want to gain a better idea of the scope?

There is an iced-over cafe, patio, and slide, in addition to other features. In addition to that, every year additional amenities are introduced into the Snowking. It looks like you’re going to have to examine it for yourself.

You can enjoy many more festivals in Vancouver, Canada with Canadian traditions. For that, you may need to apply for a Canada visa online for tourists to Vancouver.

Griz Days, Fernie

Griz Days, Fernie

This is authentic Canadiana with all its rough edges. Every stereotypical aspect of Canadian culture that you can think of is celebrated at Griz Days in Fernie, British Columbia. It is a small but bustling mountain town. Consider, as an illustration, the Extreme Griz Competition.

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Rough and tumble men and women compete for the top rank and the title of Extreme Griz in a variety of events like sawing, ax throwing, pancake eating, and leg wrestling, amongst others. Check out the parade, the fireworks, or the Rocky Mountain Lumberjack performance if you’re looking for something with a little less of a spotlight on it.

Finish off the month of March with a breathtaking fireworks display. You’ll feel like you’ve had a genuine Canadian experience.

Winter Carnaval in Quebec, Quebec City

Winter Carnaval in Quebec

This festival has a lot of credibilities. In point of fact, it has been in use (though intermittently) since 1894. That’s years upon years of experience in putting on fantastic events.

The Quebec City Winter Carnaval features everything from outdoor dance parties and sporting events to ice sculptures and parades. It makes it an absolute must-do for anybody visiting Canada in the wintertime. This festival, in addition to bringing together all things wintery and enjoyable, has the charming Bonhomme as its mascot.

Caribou is a traditional Quebecois beverage consisting of a warm mixture of wine, whisky, and maple syrup served in a mug. While you wait for the perfect winter photo opportunity, sip on a Caribou.