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Indian Visa for UK Citizens

Since 2014, the Indian Government has made it possible for nationals of the United Kingdom and others who possess British passports to apply for an Indian visa using an online application form.

Travelers from the United Kingdom and other countries are eligible to apply for this visa to India, which enables them to visit India for shorter periods of time. Depending on the reason for the visit, these short-term stays can last anywhere between 30 and 180 days total throughout each visit.

Citizens of the United Kingdom have access to five primary categories of electronic India Visas (India eVisas) in their visa arsenal. Under the regulations governing electronic India Visas, or eVisas.

British nationals have the option to apply for a visit to India under one of three categories: for tourism, for business, or for medical purposes (either as a patient or as a medical attendant/nurse to the patient).

British citizens who are traveling to India for purposes such as recreation, sightseeing, meeting friends or relatives, participating in a short-term yoga program, or attending short-term courses with a duration of fewer than six months are now eligible to apply for an electronic India Visa for Tourist purposes, also known as a tourist Visa.

It has a validity period of either one month (double entry), one year, or five years that allows multiple entries into India during the visa validity period. Here you can check how to apply for an Indian visa from Japan.

Online applications for Indian visas from the United Kingdom can be made on this website, and successful applicants will be emailed their electronic visas for entry into India. The procedure is made very easy to understand for inhabitants of the United Kingdom.

The only requirements are a valid email address, a credit or debit card that can be used in any of the 133 supported currencies, or a Paypal account. The electronic Indian Visa, also known as the India eVisa, is a legal document that is required to enter India as well as to travel inside the country.

After the applicant has finished filling out the online application form with all of the required information and after the online credit card payment has been verified, the Indian visa will be emailed to the applicant who is a citizen of the United Kingdom.

British citizens will receive an email with a secure link to a website where they can upload any documents required for an Indian visa to support their application, such as a photograph of their face or the bio-data page of their passport. Alternatively, these documents can be emailed back to the Customer Support team’s email address.

Requirements for Getting Indian Visa for UK Citizens

When applying for an eVisa to enter India, nationals of the United Kingdom are required to have the following documents ready:

  • Email address
  • Credit or Debit Card or a Paypal Account
  • Ordinary Passport that is valid for the next six months

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Time Required to Fill Online Visa Application

An online application for an Indian visa can be finished in a matter of minutes by those who are nationals of the United Kingdom. After the money has been made, any extra information that may be required in order to obtain the desired type of Visa can be emailed or uploaded at a later time, and either option takes between two and three minutes to complete.

Time Required To Get Indian Visa for UK Citizens

The earliest that a visa for India can be obtained from the United Kingdom is within three to four business days. There are some circumstances in which expedited processing can be tried. It is highly recommended that you apply for a visa to enter India at least four days before your visit there.

After the electronic India Visa (eVisa India) has been emailed to you, you will have the option to either save it to your mobile device or print it out so that you may bring it with you in person to the airport. It is not necessary to go to the embassy or the Indian consulate at this time.

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