What Makes KFC So Delicious? Incredibly Tasty for These 6 Reasons

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What Makes KFC so Delicious

KFC’s pressure fryer and meticulous prepping techniques ensure that the chicken will still taste great in 2022. The high sodium content of KFC’s menu items was designed to be addictive.

Last but not least, the secret spice blend used by KFC sets its chicken apart from the competition. Though KFC’s price is higher than its competitors, but its taste is enough to justify the high prices of KFC chicken.

Keep reading if you’re interested in discovering the secret behind KFC’s deliciousness and the specifics of the fast food chain’s ingredient list.

1. KFC’s Food Is Addictive

KFC is not among the world’s most successful fast-food restaurants by chance. That’s why it shouldn’t be shocking to learn that KFC’s food is purposefully designed to ensure repeat business.

As a result, the three basic flavors of sweet, salty, and umami can be found in nearly every KFC offering (or savory). Due to the innate desire for these tastes, KFC’s customer base is always demanding more of the fast food chain.

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2. KFC’s Food Contains MSG

KFC uses monosodium glutamate, or MSG, in their chicken and other menu items to enhance the flavor. However, many foods, such as mushrooms and tomatoes, contain MSG naturally, despite its negative reputation.

However, the fact that KFC’s products are delicious no matter where you get them proves that MSG is an essential ingredient in KFC’s recipes.

3. KFC Prepares the Chicken Carefully

KFC’s chicken is so tasty because of how it’s cooked. For instance, a former worker at KFC claims that the chicken is inspected, dipped in a special brine, and tossed seven times before being breaded.

Following this, workers bred the chicken seven times using a specific hand motion. Last but not least, the chicken at KFC is placed on a frying rack and subjected to intense heat and pressure.

You may think this step is pointless, but KFC customers clearly disagree. Thus, due to the extensive preparation, KFC’s chicken stands out from the crowd.

4. KFC’s Chicken Is Cooked Under Pressure

KFC pressure cooks its chicken, which is another part of the preparation process that makes its chicken so addicting. KFC’s chicken is pressure cooked at a low temperature to retain the ideal amount of moisture while still allowing for rapid cooking.

The KFC cooking method is responsible for the chain’s chicken being juicier and tastier than that of competitors. Pressure cooking makes the chicken juicier, which is why people keep returning to KFC.

5. They Use Fresh Ingredients

Use the freshest ingredients you can get your hands on. In fact, KFC does just that, especially with its chicken.

KFC employees say the fast food chain only uses fresh, never frozen chicken from regional suppliers. Moreover, the chicken is fresher than the alternatives because it is never frozen.

Biscuits and some other menu items are frozen until just before they are served to customers. No doubt that this is the secret of their delicious taste, but this is also the secret of their high price.

KFC’s Secret Recipe

KFC’s secret spice blend, made up of eleven different spices, is a big reason for the chain’s success. KFC’s secret spice blend for its chicken has been the subject of many imitators’ attempts, but nobody knows the exact proportions.

Customers’ memories of KFC and its chicken are inextricably linked to the secret spice blend.

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