Published On: Wed, Mar 15th, 2023

Tex Automotive Provides Brake Components for Classic Cars

Classic Car Brakes

WITNEY — Tex Automotive, a Group company called British Motor Heritage (BMH), not only manufactures mirror and wiper goods to original specifications for the classic automobile community, but it also has a wide selection of EBC braking parts, including drums and shoes that are becoming difficult to locate.

According to Graham Payne, managing director of BMH/Tex, “Despite the fact that EBC manufactures the widest variety of discs and brake pads available anywhere in the globe,” owners of many classic cars are still unaware of the company’s parts quality and the breadth of the line-up.

It includes everything from Aston Martin DB7s to Wolseley Hornets and even relatively obscure classics like Turner GT and the Bond Bug.

Brake pads from EBC are a popular choice in the growing field of classic motorsport for good reason: they improve the stopping power of countless road-going collectors’ cars, making for a safer and more pleasurable driving experience for its owners.

There is a nice organization to the pads, with three distinct categories:

Greenstuff are materials that have been developed to be used on roads; in addition to being safe for the environment, they provide enhanced baking performance and significantly cut down on brake dust levels.

Yellowstuff tires, which come pre-installed on the vast majority of Britain’s high-performance police cars, are an excellent option for both high-speed driving on public roads and the occasional participation in competitions.

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Bluestuff Despite being a true competition pad, they are the preferred option of a large number of club racers and, in contrast to the vast majority of pads designed for motorsport, they are technically approved for use on the road as well. This is due to the fact that they continue to function well even when they are completely frozen over.

Redstuff is EBC’s premier pad line, designed specifically for high-performance premium vehicles with more than 200 horsepower.

Tex Automotive provides the complete selection of EBC replacement brake components in addition to the company’s extensive selection of mirrors, fuel additives, wipers, lubricants, gasoline caps, silicone coolant hoses, car maintenance products, and miscellaneous lifestyle goods.