Your Simple Guide to a Complete Garden Overhaul

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Complete Garden Overhaul

Perhaps you have been otherwise engaged for some time and have neglected the backyard and garden. Alternatively, maybe, you simply do not know where to start and need some advice.

Either way, you have clicked on the right article, as here is your simple guide to a complete garden overhaul.

Pressure Wash Your Patio

First and foremost, even if you are fairly confident that your patio slabs and, indeed, your decking structure and foundation are entirely sturdy and safe, there is still a matter of aesthetics to attend to.

Invest in, hire, or even borrow a heavy-duty pressure washer to thoroughly clean the patio slabs, paying particular attention to any stubborn weeds growing in between the cracks of each slab. Moreover, if you notice any broken or wonky stones or slabs, do not hesitate to rip them out and replace them.

Create Structure

If your garden has been blissfully overgrown for some time, it is probably more than likely that your fences are not exactly in the best shape and could do with a fresh lick of paint. If you notice rotting fence panels, then a complete replacement, budget-dependent, may alternatively be the best course of action to create structure.

Ensure that the back gate to your garden is in good condition and that the locks and hinges are well-oiled and work, and invest in cheap yet cheerful edging to once again highlight the difference between the lawn and the flower beds.

Declutter the Entire Space

Just as in the same way a spring clean can transform the appearance and ambiance of your home, so too can a full declutter inject a new lease of life into your backyard and garden.

Remove any broken plant pots, dig out any diseased or rotted plants and shrubs, spend time clearing out moss, weeds, and other debris from slabs and pipes, and ensure every area is clear and clutter-free.

If there is a tree stump in your garden, you can simply transform a tree stump into garden chairs.

Take the Plunge & Clear the Space

Decluttering is, naturally, part and parcel of a proper and thorough garden overhaul, but when it comes to natural structures and elements, they are easily overlooked.

Now, if you have lovingly cultivated a strong, beautiful, and healthy tree or large shrub for many years in the corner of your garden, then a simple pruning will suffice.

However, if the roots of an older tree are growing dangerously close to the foundations of your home, or else the tree itself is rotting and diseased, then do not hesitate to contact a prestigious Orlando tree removal service.

Stick to a Color Scheme

Some people prefer a wild and natural-looking garden with a wide array of different colors, textures, and levels to come together to create a natural space.

There is, however, a difference between cultivating a wildlife-friendly garden and simply living adjacent to an untidy forest, so take yourself off to your local garden center and choose some fresh, healthy, and durable plants.

Stick to either a pastel color scheme with pinks, light purples, light blues, and peaches for a more feminine and floaty aesthetic, or instead, go entirely in the other direction and only select bold and strong reds, yellows, and bright purples.

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