Pop Singer and Superstar George Michael died at 53

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English pop singer George Michael has died a night before the Christmas as his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz told to media that he found George Michael dead on bed at his residence of Goring-on-Thomas village in south of Oxfordshire.

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou who is professionally known as George Michael, launched his singing career with Wham! In early on 1980’s with Andrew Ridgeley which enables him to gross his first highest achievement in the music industry. Few years after, George Michael touches the cusp of fame with its second album “Make It Big” which becomes the no.1 in the U.S charts.

However, the death of the teen idol a day before the Christmas turns his fans sorrow. The Global Singing Sensation George Michael suddenly died at the age of 53 on Saturday night at 11’ o clock. The Solo performer passed away peacefully a night before the Christmas but the news of his death published next day at 1:42 p.m. on Sunday when the paramedics of George Michael pay a visit to his home for checkup but they declared the singer dead.

The Musical English legend died unmarried and has no children because he found himself bisexual at the age of 19 therefore, it is no resolved how it sound wealth of $A180 million will divide. According to a newspaper The Mirror, the properties of George are as property in Portfolio £5million, Oxfordshire home $A8.5 million, North London property $A13.6 million and some others also listed.

On this grief moment, the singer’s family asked to keep the privacy of respected singer of brother, friend and beloved son.

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