Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

Russian plane crash divers recover the first black box

russian plane black box

Moscow: Russian investigators retrieved the main and first data recorder black box on Tuesday from the remaining material of military jet of Russia which was crashed mysteriously on the route towards Syria on the Christmas day and according to reports more than 92 people killed which were from abroad.

The airline of Russia named as Tu-154 airliner which was carrying journalists, musicians, military officers, a celebrity aid worker and also eight crews. So according to reports, the air craft disappeared from the range of radar just a minute after taking off from the Russian airport that was located in the southern Russian city of Sochi and after few moments the plane crashed into the black sea.

But why incident of crashed plane remains mystery and so to answer this, divers have suggested lot of caused in crash of plane which may include mechanical errors or usage of bad fuel but on the other side politicians have suggested about the possible terror attack on the plane.

In response to this incident, Russian security agencies were reported to have grounded all in service Tu-154s. Russian airlines have mainly phased out the jet, but the plane has remained a workhorse of the Russian military, ferrying planeloads of officials and journalists back and forth to Syria since Russia intervened in the clash last year.

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According to reports, these aircrafts Tu-154s are involved in large number high profile of crashes that also includes accident of killing polish president Lech Kaczynski with many officials in 2010.

Now investigators and divers are busy in discovering the bodies from the wrecked site; and during this first black box found from the depth of 17 meters, it is sent to the defense military facility in capital city Moscow for further analysis.

The ministry of defense said that the flight recorder did not sustain or hold severe damage but black box will be cleaned in distilled water before retrieving data from it.