Taliban Hostage video unveils foreign professors abducted in Kabul

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taliban hostage video

The terrorist group of Taliban released a video on Wednesday featuring Australian and American professors from the American University of Afghanistan. The hostages are urging US President-elect Donald Trump to help secure their release.

Kabul: Taliban unleashed the hostage video purports to show the foreign professors captives identified as Kevin King and Tim Weeks. Kevin King is identified as American and the second one professor featuring in the hostage video of Taliban is identified as Tim Weeks who is an Australian. These two professors are from American University of Afghanistan in Kabul and abducted at gunpoint in August of 2016.

The American and Australian professors Kevin King and Tim Weeks are tearfully urging the 45th United States of American President-elect Donald Trump to negotiate with Taliban group to secure their lives. The kidnapping carried out almost five months ago in August but the hostage video recently uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday. Apparently, the video filmed on 1st January but released on 11 January on YouTube, the first sign of life of two foreign professors since their kidnapping.

The 13-minutes Taliban propaganda video on YouTube shows off the American Kevin Kings and Australian Timothy Weeks apparently delivering the message on the behalf of Kidnappers. The two western hostages are begging the United States President-elect Donald Trump to negotiate the Taliban captors who were demanding the release of insurgent prisoners in exchange of professors’ freedom.

The 60-years old American and 48-years old Australian kidnapped at gunpoint outside the campus of American University of Afghanistan in Kabul on 7th August 2016.

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