Thousands of demonstrators protest against Romanian Government

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Tens of thousands took to street in Bucharest on Sunday against the Government of thieves. The peaceful and creative protest enters in the 13th day to call for the government to stand down despite the resignation of Justice Minister.

The social democratic government of Romania has attempted to weaken the crackdown on corruption earlier this month but thousands of Romanian protestors took to street in a very peaceful and creative way. Last month’s cabinet of Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has annoyed the large territory of voters by giving approval on 31st January that have decriminalized several offenses.

The 13th day protest is not unusual as 50,000 people gathered outside the Government’s headquarter in Bucharest carrying the banners that captioned “Resist”, “Thieves! Resign” and more. Not only 50,000 protesters, some 20,000 more gathered in other major areas to call the corrupt Government to stand down.

Reportedly, The Justice Minister Florine lordache has resigned but the public still arguing to stand down the government because they cannot trust.

The protesters used their mobile phones light to make the country’s flag. Some of the portion’s protesters said to glow red light on their smartphones, and rest of people also make tow partitions of blue and yellow colors.

Romania has joined European Union in 2007 and since then the Bucharest has slowed down the progress and organized the crime in the country. However, the country has launched intensified fight against corruption with the creation of DNA anti-corruption agency.


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