How to Take Care of Your Nails and How to Sharp Nails

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Best Nail Care Tips

Nails are highly essential in beautifying someone thus always an essential component in maintaining them in a healthy state. Taking care of nails mainly involves ensuring that they are hygienically clean at all times so as to avoid nail fungus which can be a distressing condition.

Nails need to be strong and hardened and to achieve this one can soak them in warm olive oil and use a hardener to protect them from splitting or peeling off. Diet also plays a vital role in maintaining strong and healthy nails as vitamin E supplements are highly essential for this purpose thus should be taken in high amounts.


Biting of nails is another bad habitual behavior that should completely be stopped and one should be able to slim wide nail bases with an oval shape by use of something like a clipper.

Removing of cuticles from the nails is another thing that should completely be stopped as it tends to make the nails to be highly vulnerable to infection due to bacteria clinging in these areas. Acetone polish removes should also be avoided and one should instead use acetate.

How to Shape your Nails

Before you engage in trimming and shaping of the nails you will need to wash the nails properly so as to remove dirt and dead tissues especially from the edges, decide on the length depending on your day to day activities.


Use a clipper to cut gently the length that you do require ensuring it has a good alignment, after trimming you will need to shape them whether round or rounded shape, the square is usually preferred as it usually gives a more descent shorter and shabby look to your fingers. While shaping ensures you are filling in one direction to avoid dropping chips of the nails.

Care for the cuticles

Cuticles are essential for the fingers as they usually protect from infections and able to protect from hangnails. The cuticles should be moisturized at all times to keep them smooth at all times and this can be achieved by applying hand creams or lotion.

A good cuticle remover should be used to soften the cuticle and remove dead cuticle skin. If the cuticles are turned then it would be essential to use an antibacterial ointment and then bandage it to protect it from infection and ensure it heals faster

Putting some color on the nails

Color is essential in giving the nails character and unique texture at the same time after perfectly cleansing the nails and shaping the nails it will be time to apply color, you will need to apply a thin base and then apply your favorite color ensuring you don’t shake or roll so that the color appears perfectly and let it stay in that position for about 5 minutes for it to dry. After applying the color you will need to complement it by applying a topcoat.


Removing nail polish

Spray deodorants are effective tools in removing nail polish all you will need is to spray the deodorant on the nails while making sure it does not come into contact with the skin, use clean clothing to wipe out the polish as it will come out. Hair sprays are also known to contain chemicals that can be able to remove the polish thereby you can repeat the same process as that off deodorant.

The nature of fingernails ultimately shows the nature of one’s health thereby highly essential to ensure that your nails are at all times healthy and clean.

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