10 Important Tips & Tricks To Do Effective eCommerce SEO

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For any website, organic traffic is important directly from Google. Visitors that you get from targeted paid campaigns are important but not as much as the organic visitors are. The same is the case with the eCommerce website. So, it is important to do effective SEO for an eCommerce website.

Top 10 eCommerce SEO Tips & Tricks

For an effective eCommerce SEO, you should use web analytics tools to analyze the results. Here are 10 simple, yet effective eCommerce SEO tips and tricks:

1: Use SSL Certificate

For any business, customer trust is the key to success. It is not different for any online business, in fact, is more important to gain customer trust while you are doing online business. The best way is to use an SSL certificate so that your website loads with HTTPS protocol.

Since customers need to use their credit card or other payment methods online, they want security for their payment method. An SSL certificate provides an extra layer of security to make online transactions. That is why Google also gives importance to sites that load with HTTPS protocol. You will get customer trust as well as Google will give a slight edge to your site over your competitors who are not using HTTPS.

2: Target Local SEO

Most of the eCommerce businesses work in a certain area and they only provide their services in limited areas. So, it is important o target the local SEO. When you target your local area, it would be easy for you to rank higher on Google.

For this purpose, you can use Google My Business listing as well which is the best way to get more customers to your site.

3: Use Transactional Keywords

While doing the keyword researching, don’t focus on generic keywords or informative keywords. Since you have a product to sell, you need to use transactional keywords. Visitors who are looking to buy something then will add the words like “buy”, “online”, “cheap price”, and more such keywords.

So, when you are using the transaction keywords, you will get only the targeted visitors who are willing to buy your product.

4: Unique Description for Each Product

This is a common mistake that is done by most SEO experts. They usually copy and paste the description of same looking products. But, if you want to get success in eCommerce SEO, you should use a unique description for each product.

Even if you have almost look-alike products, don’t hesitate to write a unique description for every product.

5: Only Index One Version of Your Domain

Make sure that only one version of your domain is indexed in Google. If you have two different versions, Google can penalize your website. Most people don’t even know that their website is loading with and without the ‘www’ subdomain.

Either you should redirect www to non-www or vice versa.

6: Deindex Discontinued Products

Since there are hundreds of products on an eCommerce store, so there are a lot of product pages that appear in Google and get to rankings. You should be careful that the product pages with discontinued products should be deindexed manually.

But do this only for those products that you don’t get in your stock in the near future.

7: Use Video Transcript

Most people buy products after they watch a brand video on a YouTube channel or a Facebook page. So obviously, you will also be using videos to promote your products and bring customers to your eCommerce site.

You need to help google to understand your video and that can be done by adding a transcript in your video.

8: Use Common Keywords in Title

Don’t hesitate to use the common keywords in the SEO title of each product. The more keywords you use for a single product, the more likely you will get visitors. But don’t exceed your title from 70 to 80 characters with spaces.

9: Get Social Signals

Social media platforms are a great way to boost your SEO. So you can get social signals from Facebook, Instagram, and most importantly from Pinterest. Don’t ignore the value of Pinterest as you can get a lot of customers from there.

You can also make money from Facebook groups by promoting your products to relevant groups.

10: Hire an SEO Expert

If you are a business owner and know about SEO as well, then you might try to do everything on your own. But remember if you do that, you will not be able to manage everything.

It is better to hire an eCommerce SEO Philippines who can make an excellent SEO strategy to rank your eCommerce site on the top page of Google and will also implement that.

Bonus eCommrece SEO Tip

After the 10 above effective SEO tips, here comes a bonus eCommerce SEO tip. It is all about the product reviews. A lot of customers will read the customer reviews before they buy anything from you.

So, make sure that you approve the customer reviews without any engineering with them. All reviews should be real from real customers. Also, make sure that these reviews are accessible by Google as well.

Final Words

Though there are a lot more things that you can do with your eCommerce SEO, these are the most important things that you should never ignore. If you follow these tips and tricks for eCommerce SEO, most likely you will get success in your organic traffic gain campaign.

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