Alizeh Shah Set Instagram on Fire With Her Latest Hot Pictures

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Alizeh Shah Hot Pictures

Alizeh Shah set the internet on fire by posting her beautiful pictures in a yellow shirt and black inner. She was looking pretty and hot in this new outfit during her paid promotion post on Alizeh Shah’s official Instagram account. Fans started discussing Alizeh Shah’s bra color that was visible through her inner.

She was promoting the “Beyond East” clothing brand of Pakistan in these photos. For the White Friday sale, they are offering a 35% discount and Alizeh Shah mentioned that on her Instagram photos.

She set the internet on fire with her latest photos and a lot of fans from India and Pakistan praised her beauty. Some of Alizeh Shah’s fans posted funny comments on her picture, while some praised her style.

Alizeh Shah Yellow Shirt

There were a lot of fans who posted some naughty comments and were discussing Alizeh Shah’s bra color. Some were saying it is pin color, some were saying it is tea pink while a few were arguing that Alizeh Shah is wearing a white color bra.

Alizeh Shah Latest HD Photos

Here you can see a few of Alizeh Shah’s hot photos and then we will post some funny and naughty comments from her fans as well.

Alizeh Shah Latest HD Photos

Alizeh Shah Pink Bra

In this picture, one can see a glimpse of Alizeh Shah’s bra as well. Because of this, there were a lot of Pakistani fans who criticized Alizeh Shah for wearing such a sea through inner from which they can see her bra.

Well, it is a common practice in Pakistan to criticize Pakistani female actresses for wearing a little bold dress. Here you can see a list of the 11 most criticized Paksitani actresses for their bold dressing.

Alizeh Shah Visible Bra

Alizeh Shah HD Pictures

Funny & Naughty Comments on Alizeh Shah’s Hot Photos

Alizeh Shah Set Internet on Fire

Alizeh Shah has a huge fan following in Pakistan as she is a Pakistani actress. But you should know that she got fans from India as well. A lot of Indian youngsters love Alizeh Shah for her beauty and acting skills.

Here you can see some comments of Alizeh Shah’s Indian fans.

Indian fan Alizeh Shah Alizeh Shah Indian Fans

There were a lot of fans of Alizeh Shah who appreciated her beauty, style, and her amazing outfit from Pakistan and India. An Indian fan called her “fuljadi” which is a sparkling handled firework.

Alizeh Shah Fuljadi Alizeh Shah Love Comments

Alizeh Shah Bra Color

A few naughty fans discussed the color of the Bra that Alizeh Shah was wearing. One Instagram user said that it is Pink color, while others replied, no it is white color.



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Read in the comments below how fans are commenting on Alizeh Shah’s Bra color.

Alizeh Shah Pink Bra

Another naught fans asking others that how many of you zoom on the picture to see Alizeh Shah bra?

Alizeh Shah Hot Figure

Here come the people who love to preach ethics and Islam on each and every post without any reason. This boy is suggesting Alizeh Shah close the front buttons of her shirt.

While others reply that if Alizeh Shah closes her buttons, who will she become famous?

Alizeh Shah Open Shirt

Another naught fan of Alizeh Shah posted a funny and naught comment on her photos. He said that I am focusing on something else again and again. He pointed to the visible bra of Alizeh Shah.

Alizeh Shah Bra Comments

Now, these people feel that they should discuss Alizeh Shah’s figure. So they posted some comments on her Instagram photos and discusses Alizeh Shah’s figure without any hesitation.

Alizeh Shah Figure Funny Comments

This man asks, why the breast size of Alizeh Shah is smaller in these pictures as compared to her other pictures?

Alizeh Shah Figure Comments

Here comes another funny comment on Alizeh Shah latest HD photos and she is asking Alizeh Shah if she is interested to sell her AirPods or not?
Alizeh Shah Funny Comments Airpods

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