Successful Pregnancy possible even in high-risk heart defects

Successful Pregnancy even in heart defects

Pregnant women with high-risk heart defects will undergo successful pregnancy if they adopt right medical support according to new United States health guidelines. Although Pregnancy carries some serious risks in which heart disease is one of the highest risk and it thought to be impossible to have successful pregnancy in high heart defects risk but More...

by Dirk Nannes | Published 1 year ago
common weight loss mistakes
By Dirk Nannes On Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

5 Weight-Loss Strategies You Should Absolutely Avoid

Laziness will no more in 2017, New year offers a new fresh start with to get back fit into your slim fit jeans. However, this is a good step forward by fatty men and women but there are specific harms as well. There More...

laser guided drug for prostate cancer treatement
By Dirk Nannes On Friday, December 30th, 2016

Some hope for Prostate Cancer patients after introdcution of laser-activated drug

A laser-activated newly introduced drug brings new hope for Prostate Cancer patients, based on ocean floor bacteria through which nearly half of the patients that can completely cured from the deadly disease. A More...