Moving to Canada From the USA? An Easy How To Guide For US Citizens

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Moving to Canada from the USA

For US citizens, moving to Canada is very easy from USA. If you are looking for more opportunities to grow in a country that provides better facilities, equality, and improved living standards, then Canada should be the only choice for a USA person.

Moving to Canada from the USA can be for a tourism purpose, for a business deal, for study purposes, or for looking for a permanent residence. In this short guide, I will try to educate you on how to move Canada from the USA.

How to Move to Canada From the USA?

Usually, it is easy to move to a country like Canada that is not far away from you and not many cultural differences are there. When you are looking for a better future, a neighboring country with more opportunities is the best choice.

If you are looking to move to Canada for a short period of time, then it is easy. You just need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization online for Canada. Getting a Canada visa online for US green card holders is a very easy and simple process. As I said earlier, you can apply for that online without any issue.

You can apply for this visa for tourism, education, business, meeting relatives, short-term stay, or for any other purpose. There are different programs offered by the Canadian government for USA citizens for moving to Canada.

Immigration to Canada for Skilled Workers

If you are a skilled worker who has at least one year’s experience in your relevant skill, then you can move to Canada as a skilled worker. Skill types like lawyers, architects, medical workers, teachers, accountants, or other professional skills come under this category.

Carpenters, plumbers, welders, chefs, cooks, civil engineers, computer network technicians, and broadcast technicians can also apply for Canadian immigration under the FSW program.

Immigration to Canada for Fresh Graduates

Fresh graduates from any part of the world, especially from the USA can secure their future in Canada by applying under Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) program. You can apply for an open work permit and can start your career anywhere in Canada.

When you start your professional career in Canada, you are one step closer to getting a permanent life in Canada. This is the best program of moving to Canada from the USA for US graduates.

Immigration to Canada Unskilled Persons

Semi-skilled persons from the USA or unskilled persons can also move to Canada. If you can offer your services and can have a positive impact on society, you are welcome in Canada. The government has designed a special program for unskilled or semi-skilled persons.

They called this program Special Immigration PilotsĀ and this is for those who can do labor-intensive tasks. No special education is required for this category. You can apply for jobs in farming, trucking, or as a home care worker.

Other Options For Moving to Canada from the US

You can also move to Canada from the USA as an international student. The study is better in Canada as compared to the USA as it is very cheap. You can also move to Canada as an entrepreneur and can kickstart your business in Canada on Start-up Visa Program.

If you have a spouse in Canada or other relatives, they can also invite you, and based on that invitation you can easily move to Canada from the US or any other country.

How to Get Dual Citizenship with Canada

A lot of people ask about how to get dual citizenship with Canada? The simple answer for them is that there is no separate process to apply for getting dual citizenship. Canada recognizes dual citizenship with other countries in the world including the USA.

So, if you are a US citizen and you want to get Canadian citizenship, you don’t need to relinquish your natural American citizenship.

Requirements for Canadian Citizenship

To get Canadian citizenship, the requirements are very simple. To be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, you must have a permanent resident (PR) status in Canada. You can get the PR status in Canada if you are physically present in Canada for at least 3 years (1095 days) during the last 5 years.

If you were physically present in Canada during the last 5 years as a tourist, student, or worker, your every day will be counted as one-half day up to your 365 full days. If you are continuously present in Canada for more than a year then it will be counted as one full day.

So, on the date when you apply for Canadian citizenship from India, the USA, or any other country, you must have PR status. After getting Canadian citizenship, you have all the rights that a natural citizen of Canada has.

For example, you will have the right to vote in any type of election in Canada. You will also get all the facilities that a natural Canadian enjoys. Taxation will also apply to you as a Canadian citizen.

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