Published On: Sat, Jul 23rd, 2022

Eligibility, Requirements and Advantages of Turkey eVisa

Turkey eVisa Eligibility

Travel to Turkey is made possible with the use of a Turkey eVisa, which is a specialized category of official Turkey visas. It is possible to get it online by using a digital platform, and further processing might take place in Ankara, which is the capital city of Turkey.

The candidate for a Turkey eVisa is allowed to enter Turkish Land from any country, regardless of where they originated.

Turkey eVisa Eligibility and Requirements

However, in order to submit an application for an eVisa for Turkey, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You need to be a citizen of a country that supports the electronic visa application for Turkey. This indicates that inhabitants of some countries are eligible to apply for an official Turkey visa while citizens of other nations are not. As part of the agreement between the United States and Georgia, certain nations, including Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, and Kosovo, are exempt from the application of this provision.
  • You have to meet the requirements to possess an official visa to enter Turkey. Therefore, it is difficult for other people to obtain a Turkey eVisa unless they meet one of the exceptions to the requirements listed above.
  • Prior to filing an application for a visa to enter Turkey, you must first ensure that your passport has a minimum validity period of sixty days remaining beyond the date you want to leave Turkey. This is the most important requirement for Turkey visa eligibility.
  • You need to have either a return ticket or a ticket for the next leg of your journey. On the other hand, if you are going to Turkey on business and are unable to secure a return ticket during the validity term of your Turkey eVisa, this is an acceptable reason for travel. In addition, a Turkey eVisa can be quickly obtained by persons who desire to find employment in Turkey.
  • You will be responsible for paying the amount for your Turkey eVisa. After filling out an online application form, this can be accomplished by using a credit or debit card to make a purchase over the internet. Because once you make a genuine payment, there is no chance of modification in your Turkey eVisa, it is in your best interest to withhold payment until you are completely content with the answers you provided in the online form.
  • You need to have an email account in order for Turkey immigration to be able to contact you after the approval of your Turkey visa application online is completed.
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Advantages of Obtaining a Tourist E-Visa for Turkey

If you are going to visit Turkey, then don’t forget to enjoy Turkish oil wrestling which is a national sport of Turkey. Here are some advantages of getting a tourist eVisa for Turkey.

  • When applying for a tourist visa for Turkey, applicants do not need to go to the consulate or embassy in Turkey.
  • Applicants for an e-Visa are able to check the status of their application online and make any necessary changes to the information that is associated with it.
  • In the majority of instances, the approval procedure takes less than twenty-four hours, and once it is complete, applicants will be sent an email including a link to download their visas.
  • t is not necessary to provide any physical documents, which will ultimately result in a reduction in the amount of time required to obtain a visa.
  • In addition to the price of the visa itself, there are no further fees.