Israeli Soldier found guilty for shooting a disarmed Palestinian attacker

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IDF Sgt. Elor Azaria who shoots dead a wounded disarmed Palestinian attacker convicted on Wednesday. Supporters of the soldier have been rallies to support him as well as the family shouted at justices because the decision is a “disgrace”.

Dressed in green uniform, the Israeli soldier IDF Sgt. Elor Azaria entered in the courtroom with a smile on his face and family in front of a panel of three judges who delivered the unanimous verdict on Israeli soldier Elor Azaria. The scheduled court venue Jaffa Military Court’s usual meeting place in the city’s south changed by a new venue army’s Kirya headquarters.

There are rallies of supporters who were continuously shouting slogans in support of soldier but the court convicted the Azaria for shooting a wounded disarmed Palestinian attacker. The incident happened in Hebron in the occupied West Bank on 24 March of last year when Sgt Azaria shoots the Palestinian assailant Abdul Fatah al-Sharif in head who is disarmed.

A video has published that featuring Elor Azaria and assailant Abdel Fatteh al-Sharif, Sharif shoot dead by Azaria in Hebron on 24 March. The 20-years old soldier said he shoots assailant because he thought Sharif might have an explosive vest.

Court will sentence on next date. However, the maximum prison for manslaughter is 20 years and there is not minimum prison but the supporters of soldier took to streets along with some senior politicians. Meanwhile, the top military figures declared the action of the Israeli Sgt Elor Azaria didn’t reflect the values of Defense Force of Israel.

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