Bathing with Hot Water, Causes Depression Decrease

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Bathing with Hot Water

Experts have reported a low-cost prescription for improving depression and overall mental health that bathing with semi-hot water twice a week plays an effective role in removing depression.


The same study has revealed that removal of depression with semi-hot water can also be an alternative to awakening and exercise. Due to this, the experts have shown that this process makes the natural temperature of the body normal. This is why it affects faster and more by exercise.

Germany’s Freiburg University specialists have 45 patients of intense depression bathing with semi-water and reviewed the results. In its report, scientists have told it the safe and low-cost treatment of depression whose results are being come in two weeks.

The median age of the people in the survey was 48 years from the middle to severe depression. It was diagnosed with famous scale HAMM. In this, a score of 19 or more shows severe depression, whereas the attendee’s average score was up to 21.


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