Published On: Tue, Apr 12th, 2022

How to Get a Turkey eVisa? A Brief Guide

Turkey Visa Online

Like most other countries, Turkey also offers an eVisa to different countries. It is an electronic visa and in most cases, it is issued for those travelers who wanted to visit Turkey for tourism.

In case you are a traveler, you can apply for a Turkey visa online. In this way, you will get your visa within 3 days maximum. But with the express service, you can get your Turkey eVisa in 24 hours as well.

As a traveler, you should know that Turkey has a lot of historical places that you would love to visit. Here you can check the best historical places to visit in Turkey.

How to Apply for Turkey eVisa?

Here are two different ways to apply for a visa to Turkey:

Apply Online

The best and easiest way to apply for an eVisa of Turkey is to apply online. You can use your computer, laptop, or Smartphone to apply for the visa.

In this way, you can get your authorized travel document within 72 hours maximum whereas, you can get the express visa in just 24 hours.

Apply Through Embassy

The other way to apply for the eVisa of Turkey is the traditional way. You need to bring your documents in hard copy to a Turkish embassy new you.

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You have to get a Turkey visa application form and after filling it, you need to attach your documents with it. Normally this is a long process that takes weeks to get your visa application form approved.

Requirements for Turkey eVisa

If you are applying for the visa online, then here are the requirements for it:

A Valid Passport

You should have your passport to apply for a Turkey visa. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date you enter in Turkey.

Valid Email ID

Since eVisa is not a traditional visa, so you should have a valid email ID as well. On this email ID, you should get your online visa. You should have access to this email and it should receive and send emails and documents.

Valid Payment Method

You need to pay the visa fee online and for that, you need to have a valid payment method. This could be your Paypal account or your debit or credit card that you can use online to pay the visa fee.

Validity of Turkey Online Visa

The online visa of Turkey is valid for 180 days, i.e for 6 months. But the visa holder can stay in Turkey for up to 90 days within the 6 months period.

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This is a multiple entry visa that allows the visitor to enter Turkey multiple times and can stay there for a total of 90 days.

Benefits of Applying Online

You get various benefits when you apply for the Turkey eVisa online. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • 24 hours service 365 days of the year
  • No time limit to applying for the visa
  • Help from visa experts before submission
  • Privacy protection, your information will be in safe hands
  • Email recovery of your eVisa in case you lost your visa